Custom Design of Hybrid Circuits

  • Output power from a few watts to hundreds of watts.
  • Frequencies from 1MHz - 10GHz.
  • With RF and DC connectors, which are ready to be inserted into your system.
  • Module, SMT, or drop-in carrier package.
  • Including single DC voltage biasing, voltage regulation, temperature compensation, RF signal detection, self-protection circuitry, etc.
  • Our engineers' design experience includes over 100 successfully developed power modules.
  • Custom designed module provides form - function fit to your existing product.

Custom Design of MMIC Circuits

  • Power amplifiers, Low Noise Amplifiers, Phase Shifters, Attenuators, Up-converters, Down-converters, and Switches.
  • Smart compact design in ceramic or plastic packages.
  • Frequencies up to 40GHz.
  • Our design team has successfully developed over 50 MMIC circuits.