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  AMCOM Communications is a leading edge microwave design organization that provides power FETs, MMIC power amplifiers, as well as high-power amplifier modules with RF and DC connectors.  

Product Line Overview

AMCOM Communications, Inc. offers a wide selection of RF Transistors, Power Amplifier GaN/GaAs MMICs and Power Amplifier Modules. We regularly release new cutting-edge products. Click for our latest news or see our new releases here, including AM206041WN-SN-R, AM00010037WN-SN-R, AM408041WN-SN-R and AM07512041WN-SN-R.

RF Transistors

Our RF Transistors include Discrete Power GaN HEMTs, GaAs FET (good linearity at back-off) and GaAs pHEMT (good power density and efficiency).

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MMIC Amplifiers

Our MMIC Amplifiers include GaN MMIC Power Amplifiers, GaN MMICs, GaAs MMICs, GaAs MMICs for VSAT & ITU Applications.

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Hybrid Amplifier Modules

Our Hybrid Amplifier Modules include GaN Power Amplifiers, Universal Modules & GaAs Power Amplifier Modules.

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Custom Design

We offer custom design Hybrid and MMIC circuits.

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New Products

Broadband Microwave Power Amplifier GaN/GaAs MMICs & Modules.


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